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Dongguan Jinxiu Plastic Products Co., Ltd

Dongguan Jinxiu Plastic Products Co., Ltd

Dongguan Jinxiu Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is a production and processing, distribution of wholesale packaging bags of private enterprises; The factory is located in the "small Hong Kong" said Zhangmutou Town, convenient transportation, beautiful environment.

The company's main business scope:

composite bag, CPP mirror/embossed film (daily production of 10 tons, thickness 0.035--0.20mm; Suitable for CD/DVD box, file sleeve/bag), special bag.

Why Choose Us?

Focus on the production and processing of packaging bags, food bags and other products

  • Professional manufacturersProfessional manufacturers

    Jinxiu has nearly ten years of experience in the design, production and processing of plastic packaging bags, providing professional services for many enterprise brands. The company has strong technical strength and a multi-person production team, focusing on providing customers with safe, reliable quality and good stationery bags.


    The company has nearly one hundred products, rich and complete types, to meet your daily use needs, in addition to the common plastic bags and printing gloves, file bags, composite bags, cosmetic bags and other various products, but also can provide you with customized services, according to your needs to produce the products you want.

  • Supply securitySupply security

    Jinxiu plastic is equipped with a number of high-speed film blowing machine, printing machine, double-sided heat sealing printing film and a number of production lines, each process strictly control the quality, improve output at the same time, pay more attention to the quality and pass rate of improvement, in order to let the products arrive at your hands as soon as possible, the company arranges special driver day and night for your delivery.

    Perfect servicePerfect service

    Specially dedicated customer service all day online to answer your doubts, including pre-sale, sale, after-sales services, in addition to paying more attention to the quality of food bag products pay more attention to the user's use experience, so that you can buy at ease, use at ease!

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+86 13356479265


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